Man is responsible for own destiny creation

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Every human being creates his own level world for himself. He spends his life in the same nest. There is no other interference in it. The obstacles and facilities of the world come and go like sunshine and shade. By ignoring them, any passerby can continue on his desired path. No one has enough courage in the bus to put a shack in the feet of those who grow. The story of each of those who have done amazing works of good or bad level is similar in this way, in which they removed the flimsy curtains of adverse conditions and did what they wanted. Man is made of that metal, whose courage has never been able to resist any obstacle, and will never be able to last. This tip has the perfect meaning that ‘man is the creator of his destiny.’ He digs the trench to fall into his hands and can even choose a flat stair tower to rise.

Those who think of themselves as humble – poor, poor, ungrateful, unfortunate, obstructed, actually feel that they are clinging to difficult circumstances, but whose belief is that they have the power to rise and reach the goal of greatness , They are also able to convert adversities into adaptability. The credit for helping to rise can be given to anyone and the fall can also be blamed on anyone, but the situation is such that if one is held responsible for raising and lowering one’s own personality and gratitude , Then this recognition would be most correct.

Gone – If the tears of those who have passed away are to be weighed, not unreasonable, it is also a humane duty to help them, but it should not be forgotten that until the morale of the so-called helpless people is lifted, they will make further efforts. The problem of growth will not be stirred, till then the help imposed from above will not produce any lasting result. The magnetism of the yearning is so powerful in itself that it can surely pave the way for progress. This dictum should also be kept in mind that ‘God only helps those who help themselves.’ The poor – even the weak, nature leaves its death to die on its own, neglecting and turning its back It is seen moving. The scholars and objectors have presented this fact step by step.

Diamond is nothing but a refined form of coal. Steamed water is the distilled water which, depending on its purity, is used in risky tasks like ejection. Man is nothing but a wandering deity. If he removes the feces and deflections mounted on him, ka-ka, then his enchanting incredible beauty is seen. When the beauty of human conscience opens, then the lack of external beauty ceases to be of any importance.