Spirituality dependent only on purity

It may be asked how creature is enlightened into consciousness. To know this, we will have to study life flow and its seven centers, which are letters of title Sum. In this subtle institution, universe has been descended into seeds and created invisible centers, which enter into Sun, Moon, Earth, etc., under title Sum, subconscious mind. What is called ‘Aquarian’ and which revolves around power of Sun is subtle power of this spinal cord.

veins of sympathetic brain system also — like two chains of glands — are on either side of spinal cord and fibers of veins pass to heart, stomach, intestines and other major organs. reflex arc related to cerebral corpus, which is related to vein fibers, keeps brain moving without news to brain by spinal cord, so human body remains alive even when it is severed from original consciousness and At that time she revolves in yellow part of consciousness sum, experiences and tantrums of those power centers do.

Science has so far received information about 49 such glands from spine to tail and has acknowledged that 7 of them have special significance and sensations of micro-elements like divine smells, divine words and divine light from them, May occur. Even after assuming this, scientists have not been able to know whether this power center is really related to any celestial constellations, yogis saw it with meditating eyes and recognized that these powers are in thirty-three sutras of bone segments and 72 of body. How flows through thousands of channels and connects consciousness with original universe. At this time, powers of invisible constellations from brain spleen are drawn into body and continue to spread in body like roses, in this state, message and light can be transmitted from within to others, but all these mental powers. Is dependent on control and spiritual purity.

Dreams are sensory senses, these sensations can be as true and clear as our conscience is pure and introverted. Many times wicked and vicious people have seen terrible dreams, but they have been like a warning to them through self-power, which has seen many people changing their life directions. By making our instincts pure, light and simple and sensitive, we can also consume this divine power in our life.