The dream breaks, but courage not

Mint has been attacked by an enemy king. His immense army has surrounded the city. The war has broken out. The forces of Mint are fiercely fighting the enemy forces, but the victory seems to be going in favor of the enemy and it also defeated the forces of Mint. Emperor was defeated. The victorious enemy commanded – ‘I do not take your life but I command you to remove all your clothes and get out of this kingdom.’ Be father gave off his royal robes and all accessories. Only a small garment remained on Kati. Jana left the palace on foot. Thought would ask for patronage from a citizen. But even before they came on the road, this decree was heard, whoever gives shelter or food to the exiled parent will be punished.

Constrained Jana decided to go out of the border of the Mint region in the same situation. As a result, not even a grain of food was carried in the stomach for many days. Now the king is not a monk …… another area appears outside the kingdom …… Jana reaches there Go… But the gates of the grain area are closing because all the food items have been distributed. Jana begs very humbly and the overlord of the granary brings a little leftover rice and puts it on Jana outstretched palms. It seems to be a boon in this situation. As soon as he moves his hand to put it in the mouth, no one knows where the eagle falls and the whole rice is scattered in the dust. The dream breaks, but the body is still sweating profusely. The queens and servants sleeping nearby also woke up hearing screams. Jana’s eyes began to tear up and look around him, furnished bedroom, a bed covered with gold gems, milky white and soft beds. The queens are standing nearby and the men and women are also watching them with surprise.

The effect of the dream was so intense that he would ask the same question to whoever came in front of him – ‘This truth or that truth? When you were standing in a cloth wrap in Kati at the entrance of the Anna with both hands outstretched as a monk and when the suzerainty placed the leftover rice on your palm, then this royal palace, this royal house, these queens, ministers, and servants-servants Who did I have with you? ‘

Jana said that at that time none of these things were with me. At that time, I was the only one who was struck by disaster.

‘And Raja! When you woke up in this royal enclosure in the interior of the Raj building, you were seated on a bed made of gold and gems, then what was that food field, its staff, your beggar, what was the residual food? ‘

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